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Bringing in the best surgical and medical solutions for cosmetic and aesthetic looks with hair transplantation, cosmetic surgery and also all dental problems, we have started the COSMOSMILE Clinics in Bhubaneswar,ODISHA. We cater to wide range of hair transplant procedures as well as medical therapies like mesotherapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, highly Qualified and Experienced Dentists, providing Quality Dental Care and Services with Latest Pain-free Technological Treatments with the help of our expert doctors.Our pricing policies are completely transparent and affordable. Our scientific approach to treat all your hair ,skin and dental related concerns exceed all our competitors in terms of bringing forth aesthetic success. Bringing back smiles to the patients drives our potency and confidence.

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Hair Transplant Therapy

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique of transferring individual hair follicles from hair bearing area of the body (donor) to bald or balding parts (recipient).

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Cosmetic Surgery

If you are embarrassed by acne scars, blemishes, age spots or other skin conditions you have probably wondered how to make them less visible and how to get lighter skin.

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We are here to help you regarding hair, skin and teeth. We specialize in hair transplant, cosmetic surgery and dental tratment.


Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a procedure in which the hair taken from the back of the scalp (where even bald men don’t lose hair) is transplanted in the balding region.


Meso Treatment

Mesotherapy is a minimally non-invasive technique using micro-injections directly into scalp epidermis, in the targeted tissue.


Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation is skin resurfacing, a method that refers to any treatment or procedure that will physically remove the top layer of skin.


Dental Treatment

The risk of tooth decay, gum disease  can be reduced with good oral hygiene, a low-sugar diet and regular visits to the dentist or other oral health professional.

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