Biotin Hair Growth Treatment

Biotin helps the synthesis of the protein keratin by reacting with cell enzymes to produce amino acids. While improving overall nutrition is the key to healthier, stronger, and faster hair growth, the vitamin plays a huge part in the production of healthy hair.Biotin is a safe supplement to consume as long as you stick to a prescribed dosage. Most people who take it do not experience any side effects. In fact, improved hair and keratin quality have been noted in people who consumed biotin.Biotin helps carry oxygen to the cells in your scalp and follicles, keeping them healthy.

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While there’s no harm in adding biotin to your hair supplement stack, it isn’t going to stop or slow down your hair loss. Since biotin has real benefits for hair growth, it’s still worth taking. Just don’t expect it to regrow your hairline and reverse male pattern baldness.

The bottom line. If you’re experiencing hair thinning or hair loss, biotin may assist in regrowth. There’s some research to suggest that increased biotin intake can improve overall hair quality, including thickness and shine.