Hair Transplant

Increasing number of people are showing interest in the field of hair transplantation these days. Hair transplantation is primarily a process in which hair taken from one part of the skin is put into another site in the same body. Most commonly, the transplantation technique is utilised for scalp areas, and more so in men. Since this procedure is most commonly associated with the head, many people consider this term to mean the solutions for baldness. Moreover, men have commonly used this particular process to help correct their male pattern baldness conventionally. Due to the advances in this field, the end result of hair re-growth looks very much like normal hair..

hair transplant

Although most doctors say that hair transplant is a safe procedure with minimal or no side effects, they first suggest non-surgical methods such as medicines, or stimulating the follicles and an appropriate diet plan.”It is better if men go for hair transplant at a younger age, since the donor area is good.”

All the side effects caused by hair transplant are temporary. While hair transplant surgery is a fairly easy procedure, there are minor complications or side effects that can occur. Temporary thinning of the hair. This is also called shock loss and shedding